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General Notices/ Circulars

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Circular reg. submission of APAR FY 2019-20 within stipulated date.Acrobat Reader393.73KB
Circular regarding restarting of Field InspectionAcrobat Reader163.24KB
Office circular reg. observance of Anti-Terrorism Day on 21st May, 2020Acrobat Reader1153.59KB
Circular Ref. No.18(1)/Sectt./2020 dated 18th May 2020 regarding inputs for printing and publication of 66th Annual Report 2019-20 of Tea BoardAcrobat Reader79.60KB
Office Circular dated 04.05.2020 regarding extension of lock-down period.Acrobat Reader174.50KB
Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19- Instructions issued as per the latest guidelines of the MHA.Acrobat Reader992.64KB
DoPT's guidelines on COVID-19Acrobat Reader1848.89KB
Circular regarding submission of APAR 2019-20Acrobat Reader625.61KB
Circular on Observance of Silence for two minutes on 30-1-2020 at 11.00 AM in the Memory of departed Freedom FightersAcrobat Reader63.57KB
Circular on Celebration of the Constitution Day from 26th November 2019 to 26th 26th November 2020Acrobat Reader4524.32KB
Office Circular No. 117/2019; Dt. 13.11.2019 regarding exclusion of e-Dak system for Parliament SessionAcrobat Reader46.09KB
Circular on 2nd Session of 17th Lok Sabha & 250th Session of Rajya Sabha from 18-11-2019Acrobat Reader76.23KB
Circular No.9(1)/Estt/2016/Part-I/1266 dated 20/21.08.2019 regarding preparation of Holidays list for the year 2020Acrobat Reader5017.34KB
Office Circular Dt. 4th July, 2019; regarding usage of IOCL Petro Card for filling up fuel for Office vehicles (Four-wheelers)Acrobat Reader522.61KB
Office Circular No. 14/2019; Dt. 22nd May, 2019, reg. Reporting, Reviewing and Accepting Authorities for maintaining APARsAcrobat Reader986.49KB
Office Circular No. 09/2019; Dt. 14th May, 2019, reg. submission of APAR within the prescribed schedule.Acrobat Reader504.79KB
Office Circular No. 23(7)/Estt/90/670; DT. 1st May,2019Acrobat Reader3156.70KB
Office Circular No. 29(2)/Estt/2015/Part/557; Dt. 8th April, 2019, reg. submission of APAR within the prescribed scheduleAcrobat Reader759.35KB
Office Circular No. 05/2019; Dt. 27th March, 2019, regarding policy for using e-Mail IDs for official communicationsAcrobat Reader504.87KB
Office Circular No. 04/2019; Dt. 8th March, 2019, regarding format for uploading matters to Board’s official websiteAcrobat Reader1145.84KB
Circular No. 23(2)/Estt/2010 dt. 29th January, 2019 regarding observance of silence for two minutes at 11.00 A.M. on 30th January, 2019 in the memories of those who gave their lives in the struggle for India's freedomAcrobat Reader2016.43KB
Office Circular No. 1(7)/Estt./2018/93; Dt. 29th January, 2019, regarding observance of silence on 30th January, 2019 in the memory of those who gave their lives in the struggle for India’s freedom.Acrobat Reader2016.43KB
Circular No. IT/AEBAS/NEW/2018/47; Dt. 7th January, 2019, reg. procurement of new set of RD Service compliant Windows Desktop based Biometric Finger Print Scanner (FP Scanner) as Standard AEBAS Device.Acrobat Reader985.76KB
Circular No. 1(7)/Estt./2018/93; 10th January, 2019 reg. submission of Immovable Property Return for the year 2018.Acrobat Reader911.38KB
Circular regarding cleanliness awareness programme at Tea Board H.O., Kolkata as part of Swatchhata Pakhwada on 02/11/2018Acrobat Reader1634.96KB
Circular No. 23(10)/Estt/2015/1739 dt. 31.10.2018 regarding Celebration of Swatchhta Pakhwada .Acrobat Reader2184.75KB
Office Circular No. 3(3)/Sectt./2018/1459; Dt. 30th August, 2018, reg. 237th Meeting of the Board on 26th September, 2018 at Kolkata.Acrobat Reader50.61KB
Notification No. Law/Per/Misc/16/2008/1183; Dt. 6th July, 2018 reg. delegation of power to receive relevant applications and grant permit for planting replacement and extension planting.Acrobat Reader496.90KB
Implementation of allowances under 7th CPCAcrobat Reader3140.44KB
Office Circular No. 23(2)/Estt/2015/550; Dt. 02.04.2018 regarding submission of APAR for the accounting year 2017-18Acrobat Reader513.65KB
Office Circular No. 23(9)/Estt/2013/528; Dt. 28.03.2018 regarding notification of weekend working in Board’s Head Office in Kolkata for the current FY 2017-18.Acrobat Reader700.59KB
Office Circular No. 1(45)/2007/SO/Vol-II/299; Dt. 27th February, 2018 regarding nomination of officials attached to Board’s Head Office for a Fire-fighting Training program to be held on 9th March, 2018Acrobat Reader382.26KB
Office Circular No. Gem Portal/2017/STR/I/263 Dt. 20.02.2018 regarding the decision of Committee of Secretaries (CoS) on GeM portal.Acrobat Reader889.55KB
Office Circular No. 1(6)/Estt./Misc/2016/173; Dt. 05.02.2018 regarding clarification on entitlement of leaves of Tea Board employees under the Superannuation notice periodAcrobat Reader296.04KB
Publicising the scheme for Open Schooling and Distance Learning for Handicraft Artisans, Handloom Weavers & their Children through NIOSAcrobat Reader2789.12KB
Office Circular No.23(2)/Estt/Misc/10/143; Dt. 30.01.2018 regarding settlement of advances within prescribed time limits.Acrobat Reader528.77KB
Circular on Observance of Silence for 2 minutes on 30-1-18 for late Indian Freedom Fighters.Acrobat Reader3792.65KB
Circular on observing "National Voters Day" on 25th January, 2018Acrobat Reader1447.30KB
Circular on List of Board's Employee with their DependentsAcrobat Reader140.37KB
Celebration of "Constitution Day" on 26-11-2017Acrobat Reader3029.91KB
Circular regarding conduction of departmental examination for the post of ADTD and Sr. Secretarial AssistantAcrobat Reader--
Office Circular regarding Date and Time of Departmental Examination for promotion to the post of ADTD and Sr. Secretarial Assistant.Acrobat Reader--
Circular regarding Implementation of Accounts ManualAcrobat Reader--
Circular regarding Group Personal Accident Insurance SchemeAcrobat Reader--
Circular regarding schemes and syllabus for departmental examinationAcrobat Reader--
Circular No. Fin/IMP/Coonoor/2015 Dt. 6th December, 2016 regarding sanction of medical advance to employees of Tea Board.Acrobat Reader--
Office Circular regarding implementation of Aadhaar Enabled Bio-metric Attendance SystemAcrobat Reader--

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