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Sikkim Tea

Sikkim Tea

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The state of Sikkim nestles amidst the picturesque and scenic Himalayas in North East India. From the mystic tea gardens of this region emerge the organic two tender leaves and a bud, flourishing at an altitude of 1000-2000 metres above sea level. The tea leaves are hand-plucked with love and care to bring to you a delectable brew which is light, flowery, golden yellow and of delicate flavour. The cultivation of tea in Sikkim started with the establishment of its first tea garden in 1969 — the Temi Tea Estate. Another boutique garden was added to the fold of Sikkim Tea when the Bermiok tea garden was established in the year 2002. The state of Sikkim was declared fully organic in January 2016, and the teas produced at the Temi Tea Estate were certified as 100% Organic Tea in the year 2008. The first flush of Sikkim Tea, harvested during springtime, has a unique taste and aroma. The refined golden liquor has a light floral finish and a hint of sweet lingering taste. Mellow and smooth, the second flush of Sikkim Tea is a toasty brew, with a heady, strong yet smooth brew. The third flush or Monsoon Flush of Sikkim Tea creates a full bodied cup with mellow taste. The final flush or Autumn Flush of Sikkim Tea has a well-rounded taste and the light hint of warm spices. This amber liquor is the perfect end to the seasons of tea. Besides the above varieties of black teas, Sikkim also produces the delicate white tea, which is manufactured from the buds and unfurled new leaves; green tea, which is known for its flowery liquor; and Oolong tea, which is fruity, fragrant and earthy.


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