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NTRF Publications

Results emanating from NTRF funded research projects at different institutions are collated and documented in NTRF annual scientific reports, minutes of the NTRF workshops and in booklets/brochures in specialized areas: The publications include :-


       I.      Annual Scientific Reports

18 Issues from 1996-97 to 2014-15


    II.      Proceedings

1.      1st NTRF Workshop held on 16th December 1996.

2.      2nd NTRF Workshop held on 11th April 2000.

3.      Seminar on Road map for Growth: “Product Diversification in tea” (jointly with Tea Board) held on March 2002.

4.      3rd NTRF Workshop: “Tea Research – New Trend” held on 26th April 2002.

5.      4th NTRF Workshop: “Tea Research – A New Perspective” held on 30 April 2005.

6.      A decade and a half of NTRF – 1988 – 2003.

7.      5th NTRF Workshop held on 26th May 2007.

8.      6th NTRF Workshop held on 13-14th July 2009

9.      7th NTRF Workshop on Tea and Health held on 6th August, 2010

10.  8th Workshop on Agro-aspects, Biochemical, Socio-economic & Tea Machineries” held on February 9-10, 2011.

11.  9th Workshop of NTRF held on 19th December, 2012.

12.  10th Workshop of NTRF held on 19-20th May, 2015.

13.  Stakeholder’s Meeting of NTRF held on 20th July, 2016.

14.  Workshop on Plant Protection Studies at KVK, Jalpaiguri held on 28th December, 2016


 III.      News Bulletins

Ø  Number 1 – July 2002

Ø  Number 2 – November 2000

Ø  Number 3 – March 2001

Ø  Number 4 – June 2001

Ø  Number 5 – November 2001

Ø  Number 6 March 2002

Ø  Number 7 – August 2002

Ø  Number 8 – January 2003

Ø  Number 9 – June 2003

Ø  Number 10 – October 2003

Ø  Number 11 – March 2004

Ø  Number 12 – July 2004

Ø  Number 13 – January 2005

Ø  Number 14 – July 2005

Ø  Number 15 – January 2006

Ø  Number 16 – September 2006

Ø  Number 17 – January 2007

Ø  Number 18 –  July 2007

Ø  Number 19 – January 2008

Ø  Number 20 – May 2008

Ø  Number 21 – January 2009

Ø  Number 22 – July 2009

Ø  Number 23 – October 2009

Ø  Number 24 – January 2010

Ø  Number 25 – September 2010

Ø  Number 26 – December 2010

Ø  Number 27 – January, 2016

Ø  Number 28 – June, 2016



  IV.       Books & Journals


ii)                  Role of Enzyme in Tea Processing – April 1998.

iii)                Package of practices for production of Organic Tea in India jointly with Tea Board – 2001.

iv)                Guidelines for Research Funding – NTRF (2000).

v)                  Road Map on Product Diversification in Tea (2002).

vi)                Medicinal Properties of TEA – (2006).

vii)              Natural Enemies of some tea pests with special reference to Darjeeling, Terai and the Dooars.

viii)            Insects Attacking Shade Trees of Tea Plantation in the Dooars and Darjeeling.

ix)                A note on Internalization of various NTRF Projects.

x)                  Brochure on Tea and Health.

xi)                Cup of Tea, Good for Health - NTRF Publication.

xii)              Glimpses of Tea and Health under NTRF.

xiii)            Bengali Brochure for KVK workshop.


Internalization of the research findings is effected using specific recommendations emerging out of NTRF funded studies. At the field level the recommendations are being implemented by Tea Research Institutes at north and south India through their extension services operating in different tea producing districts of north and south India.




  i.      In specific cases, on the recommendations of the Governing Body, NTRF gives one-time grant to eminent scientists to attend or address conventions or conversions pertaining to marketing of Tea.

ii.      NTRF publishes its Quarterly News Bulletin, Annul Scientific Reports and specialized publications.

iii.      The data generated by NTRF projects on pesticide residues and their metabolites form the basis of the national protocol on pesticide residues on tea.


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