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Office Orders

TitleFile TypeFile Size
Office Order No. 04/2021 dated 19.03.2021 regarding staying in office after normal office hoursAcrobat Reader343.08KB
Office Order no. 16/2021 dated 23/02/2021 reg. attending workshop of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) in Head Office, Kolkata.Acrobat Reader774.62KB
Office Order no. 01/2021 dated 01/01/2021 reg. Looking after the duties & responsibilities of Shri D.M Kakati, ADTD by Shri Rakesh Kumar, ADTD during the absence of Shri Kakati.Acrobat Reader209.45KB
Office Order No. 26/2020 Dt. 16th December, 2020 reg. Consultancy services for perspective plan for sustainable development activities to be undertaken on long term, short term basis in sync. with Board's objective and KRAAcrobat Reader891.71KB
Office Order No. 25/2020 Dt. 16.12.2020 regarding assigning the charge of QCL, Siliguri in favour of Dr. Anirban Basu Majumder, Research OfficerAcrobat Reader466.55KB
Office Order no. 24/2020 Dt. 08.12.2020 reg. Delegation of Power for DTRDC, Kurseong and QCL, Siliguri.Acrobat Reader540.45KB
Office Order no. 23/2020 dated 04.12.2020 regarding looking after the duties & responsibilities of Dr. Rishikesh Rai, Secretary (I/c) by Shri S Soundararajan,DTDAcrobat Reader461.16KB
Office Order No. 22/2020 dated 04.12.2020 regarding looking after the matters related to DBT by the Director of Tea Development, Tea Board, Kolkata.Acrobat Reader544.98KB
Office Order no. 21/2020 dated 17.11.2020 Delegation of financial power to JCL, KochiAcrobat Reader480.36KB
Office Order no. 20/2020 dated 17.11.2020 regarding looking after the duties & responsibilities of Shri DM Kakati, ADTD BY Shri Rakesh Kumar, ADTDAcrobat Reader296.49KB
Office Order No. 19/2020 dated 02.11.2020 regarding looking after the matter related to Public Grievances by the Law Officer, Tea Board, Kolkata with immediate effect.Acrobat Reader394.69KB
Office Order No. 18/2020 dated 27.10.2020 regarding looking after the duties and responsibilities to the post of Executive Director, Tea Board, Guwahati by Shri Dipankar Mukherjee, DDTD during leave period of ED, Guwahati from 10.11.2020 to 25.11.2020Acrobat Reader229.71KB
Office Order 16/2020; Dt. 07.10.2020 reg. looking after the duties and responsibilities of A.D.T.D. Shri Dina Moni Kakati by A.D.T.D. Rakesh Kumar during the absence of Shri Kakati.Acrobat Reader162.27KB
Office Order No. 15/2020 Dt. 29.09.2020 reg. delegation of financial powers in favor of officers in charge of Board’s various Regional/Sub-Regional officesAcrobat Reader70.43KB
Office Order No. 14/2020 dated 21.09.2020 regarding Printing of wall calendars, desktop calendar, diaries, festival greeting cards and similar materials.Acrobat Reader313.60KB
Office Order No.13/2020 dated 08.09.2020 regarding Redistribution of delegated Power.Acrobat Reader402.74KB
Office Order No. 11/2020 dated 01.06.2020 regarding using of available public transport for attending office during Unlock-1.Acrobat Reader186.16KB
Office Order dated 06.05.2020 regarding recovery of transport allowance for month of April, 2020Acrobat Reader679.45KB
Office Order dated 05.05.2020 regarding effective use Arogyasetu AppAcrobat Reader987.10KB
Office Order No. 09/2020 dated 04.05.2020 regarding authorization to Shri Rameswar Kujur, DDTD, Siliguri to settle pending bills concerning QCL, Siliguri in absence of Dr. Biswajit Bera, Director (Research).Acrobat Reader185.56KB
Office Order Dt. 13.04.2020 reg. attending office to dispose off pending workAcrobat Reader373.31KB

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